MCN MAX main features at a glance

There is no way to write down all the features of MCN MAX while keeping it overseeable. So lets just start witha  list of all our modules, we will be glad to explain them to you in detail:

  1. Application Management: This module will help you handle all the applications you get for your network. MCN MAX can be integrated in any website, providing a form with google+ login protection. Applicants can then be reviewed by your team, you can categorize, analyse and bulk process mails or inivitations. Channel stats areupd ated frequently, with trend for channels you keep in your database for further tracking and partnering later on.
  2. Partner Management: This is a big one! MCN MAX offers you a broad variety of tools to manage all your partners. Create categories, send bulk mails, invite toc ampaigns, track progress, create reports and communicate!
  3. Reporting: MCN MAX will handle all your reporting and billing duties with only a few clicks. Learn more about our improved reports now including YouTube Red and per channel details in another blog. Stop wastingy our time juggling excel sheets, automate the process and save time!
  4. Campaign Management: Ever wanted to offer lots of campaigns to your partners but got lost with allt he communication, tracking, reporting, billing and even distributing game keys orr eflinks? MCN MAX is your solution: All above is fully automated with only a few clicks.

Thos are the main features MCN MAX offers to you. More details? Just get in contact, we will be glad to discuss further details with you.