Why our customers love MCN MAX?

Managing your MCN as a team has lots of repetitive tasks. MCN MAX will help you with all your needs: automate, communicate, report and track your success!

Fits your needs

MCN MAX is the result of our tight cooperation with existing YouTube Networks. Therefore we offer a modular system: You get what you need and only pay for what you get.


Bringing both software and MCN experts together in our team led to todays version of MCN MAX, a combined 30 years of expierience in software design and MCN management!


Custom Layouts, brandings, reports, exports, data analysis or special use cases? No problem! We have already solved several individual needs of diffrent MCNs at a fair price tag, challenge us!

Endless features, flexible pay, customized for your need!

See our detailed blog on all our features. Well, most of them. Are you missing something? We will be glad to add your ideas, challenge our team!


What MCN MAX can do for you!
Makes managing your MCN easy

MCN MAX is your solution to manage your YouTube Network smart and easy. All in one place, with flexible plans affordable for even small MCNs. We help you grow! Stop wasting your time with things MCN MAX can automate for you. Lost track of all your partners, their platforms and social media links? No problem: MCN MAX has all the data and more. Get in touch with us, we will be glad to give you a free tour or even demo!

  • Application Management

    From the first contact to partnering: All steps including contact data, contracts a few clicks away


    Offer your partners interesting campaigns, track the results and invoice them in one go!

  • Billing and Invoicing

    Create invoices for all your partners with only a few clicks and mail them

  • Track, Sort and Manage

    All Partner data in one big overview. Sort, give tags, connect to plattforms and social media websites all in one tool

Our Team

Your ideas added to MCN MAX? No problem! Our team is always at your side!
Yannik Hampe
Yannik Hampe
CTO – Software Engineer
Years of expierience in database development, Java and online security coaching all added to MCN MAX. Are you mssing a feature or need a customized version? No problem: Yannik will provide an indiviual solution!
Christian Becker
Christian Becker
Project Manager
You can only provide a good solution if you know your customers needs! Christian is not only expierienced in creating automation in processes and databse solutions, he also knows what MCNs need by working for them as partner manager for years.
Alain Moos
Alain Moos
Executive Assistant / Sales
Questions? Special solutions? Inquiries? We will be glad to help you! Just get in contact with us, and we will provide the solution you need! Stop wasting your time, use MCN MAX now!

Latest News

YouTube, MCNs and MCN MAX are always in a state of flux. Read the latest news here!

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We do not offer any services for YouTube Channel owners. We can not assist you with uploading your music or movie content. We are no MCN, we do provide the best Creator management and payment solution for MCNs.